Power CD to MP3 Maker

Power CD to MP3 Maker 1.12

It is a converting tool to convert audio CD tracks into other formats like MP3
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Power CD to MP3 Maker is a converting tool to covert audio CD tracks into other formats like MP3, WAV, OGG, and WMA. It has full audio playback control function, so it can be used as an audio CD player as well. It uses a high quality audio codec and encoder, which provide high quality of sound. It has a built-in tag editor, which enables you to edit and add track information like title, artist, album, year, Genre and comment information of the created file. It also has a freeDB option, which downloads track information directly from internet and adds it to your created track.
A very attractive and user-friendly interface makes it handy and easy for the user. It has many integrated codecs like LAME and OGG, with support of constant bit rate and variable bit rate settings. With this feature, the user can manually set the audio quality and also the size of the track. It also supports many CD drivers, which automatically detects audio CDs when inserted into the drive, and enables you to play the song or rip the file into other formats. You can also convert many tracks at the same time and stop conversion any time you want.

Manoj Goel
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  • Excellent quality of sound
  • Many codecs supported
  • Conversion is very fast
  • Integrated playback option


  • Many track information is not available in freeDB option
  • Very few format options
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